“…music, a fantastic world superimposed on the real one, an inviolatable and sacred world.”

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All righty, so I chose to read Luigi Russolo’s The Art of Noises. First of all, I really love the way he wrote the article. Although he is insanely snobby and condescending at times, I felt that Russolo illustrates a true artistic interpretation of music. While I disagree with the idea that “modern music goes round in this small circle, struggling in vain to create new ranges of tones,” I especially agree with several of his thoughts. For instance, Russolo’s description of the beauty of everyday sounds such as “the rumble of thunder, the whistle of the wind, the roar of a waterfall” were fantastic. Considering the sound project that we will eventually be doing for EMS class, Russolo’s article inspires me to discover the variety of sound all around us.

On a side note, I find it humorous that Russolo mentioned that a person from the 18th century would not be able to handle the sound and intensity of an orchestra from Russolo’s time (that is, the early 1900s). I’d just love for poor old Russolo to come and listen to some of the music we have today. I think Metallica might give him a heart attack.


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