Douglas Kahn’s “Noise, Water, Meat”

September 29, 2009 at 9:59 pm Leave a comment

Well, I have to admit that I read this article because of the title. *ahem* Anyways, I didn’t like this reading as much as Russolo’s… most likely because it was extremely dry and pedantic. However, I was uber excited that Kahn mentions Russolo in the article! I totally had an “OMG I know what he’s talking about!!!” moment. 😛

Regardless, there were definitely some parts of the article that I can identify with. Kahn introduces the issue of noise versus music, or in Kahn’s own words, “the line between sound and musical sound.” Much like in Russolo’s article, Kahn explores the subtle differences in seeing the noises of everyday life as either plain noise or beautiful music. It really made me stop and consider the fact that a small change in personal perspective can make a significant difference when it comes to finding artistic value in the world.


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“…music, a fantastic world superimposed on the real one, an inviolatable and sacred world.” Name backwards

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