Green screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

This is me in front of the CFA green screen, spinning on a chair, and wearing Gina’s jacket. Nice. Gotta love the dancing gypsies in the back! Yeeehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheeheeheheheheheeeeeeeeeee


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Stop Animation of Death

Well… here it is…

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Flying crow

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Galloping horsey!!

Hahahahaha… the galloping version of my little horsey (the trotting one is a bit further down). I animated the motion of this little guy from memory, without looking at anything. I’m starting to enjoy Flash more and more each time I use it. It’s like crack! The possibilities are endless!

This animation appears somewhat slower because it’s comprised of about twice as many frames as the trotting one. If I can figure out how to make it appear to be going the same speed as the other one, that would be kinda awesome, but for now this is what I’ve got. However, It doesn’t really matter anyway since the programmers for BeeStruction can adjust the speeds of the animals to whatever they choose once they insert the animations into the game. So yay! =D

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AMAZING stop animations!

Tony vs Paul

This made me LOL. But seriously, this stop animation is absolutely incredible. I can only imagine the time that these fellows must have pumped into this thing. I have a feeling that most of my classmates in EMS are going to link to this animation as well, but it’s well worth it. This is a must see! =D

As an aside, here’s what the creators of Paul vs Tony said about the video:


1. The video took two months to film and edit.

2. The music is available here:

3. Nothing is fake and no green screens were used. The only computer animated part was the letters falling on the page.

4. Yes, we really did jump all those times.

5. I edited it with Final Cut Pro

6. The camera we used was a Canon GL1 with both digital stills being taken, and footage being shot.

7. It was filmed in Massachusetts in the following towns: Arlington, Medford, Upton, Gloucester

8. There are 4,000+ still shots in the video.


Sorry I’m Late

And here’s another great stop animation utilizing props and a controlled set to its advantage. Pay extra attention to the ending credits – they show how they created the video, which really gets the point across that this type of animation requires a ton of meticulous care (although all types of animation do require are as well!!). Anyhow, this video is really good stuff. Watch it and enjoy!

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Random cute puppy video ^_^

Heehee I found this on YouTube and I thought it was so cute!!!
56 seconds of pure cuteness!!!!!! heeheheheheheeeeeeee

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Animation of sound collage…

Click here to watch my insane flash animation.

OMG click here to watch my FIXED animation… Well, “fixed” as in I tried to follow Golan’s suggestions from class. Now the blood continues running down the screen, and I dumbed down the real-life images of the car accidents with color tints so they aren’t as apparent. =)

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